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What is the cost of a spring change?

Frequently Asked Questions

We get these calls all the time. If I throw out a number, people say either “ok, thanks” then hang up, or the say “when can you be here?”


My response to this question is “do you have one spring or two?” If you have two springs they should both be changed and that price is $210.00 with a 3 year warranty and no hidden costs. A single spring change is $165.00. Some people are only price shopping. I know I am not the highest or the lowest price out there, and if people keep looking they will find it for cheaper. However is cheap what you want?


My reputation and my name has great value, and I do not leave till the job is completed correctly. I stock around 60 springs on my trucks at all time so I can put an exact match spring set on your door, the ones recommended from the manufacturer. We run across doors all the time with the wrong springs on them. This usually puts premature failure on your opener.

Will you come install the opener I just purchased from Home Depot?

Yes I will. I don’t like doing this but if you insist, then I will. I don’t like this because they're box store models and not PRO models. They have a three or four pc bolt together rail. And not all models of openers are great units. We fix all brands and models and we get to know the bad ones and their problems.

Lift Master or Genie?

Genie all the way! Lift Master openers have a gear inside the opener head that fails, and has been doing so for some time now. It is one of the parts I make sure to carry on the truck due to the frequent issues with them.


Also, the limits change. Limits are switches that tell the opener when to stop running either at the floor or in the open position. After a period of time the opener will start to push too hard on the floor causing damage to the unit and/or your door. I have changed out only one Genie gear in all my years of service. The homeowner was lifting his commercial door for his motor home with two broken springs.

How much for a standard 16 x 7?

This varies a lot. What is important to you? Longevity, insulation, glass section, noise, color? Is this an emergency?


My most common steel front and steel back, fully insulated door has an installed price of $1050. This is a 2” thick polystyrene door with an R value of around 9, and has an energy efficient tax rebate. Most important is my personal warranty, and service. If you have an issue with your door, not only will I answer the phone but we will be out quickly to fix any issue that may happen.

It seems my springs are breaking frequently, why?

You may have the wrong springs installed by the last technician who visited your home. You also may use your door more than average. The average life span of a spring is 10,000 cycles or 7-10 years.


I see homes where there are three teenage kids all driving and sharing the same car and the same parking spot in the garage. These families blow through springs every three years. That is more frequent than their neighbors. For those people I recommend a high cycled spring. This costs more but might be a better solution.

Usually the same day.  Even if it is ten at night we try to have same day service.

How soon can you be here?

What are the areas you serve?

Vancouver, Battleground, Camas, Washougal, Longview and Woodland are the Washington popular cities of service.

What are the color options of a new door and are they paintable?

The most common colors are white, almond and sandstone. The other color options are green, gray, and brown. The most common colors will tend to be in stock more than the others. The finish color is paintable. It is a baked on latex paint.

Do you sell springs over the counter?

No, we do not. And you will be hard pressed to find someone who will. We as technicians do this everyday and we still get hurt. This Industry is not some top secret trade requiring that you need to go to spring winding class. However, accidents happen and there are several steps to follow to ensure you don’t get hurt. Like why does a right hand spring go on the left? And honestly, people are sue happy.

Why should I buy a door from you and not through a big box store?

This is easy. We sell better products! Being the cheapest supplier out there is not what defines Third Generation Overhead Door. We realize that we will not be the door company for everyone. We strive to put in quality products at a fair price.